Kit’s Pick: Eucalyptus

Use eucalyptus as a DIY aroma therapy.


Wrap twine or string around a bundle of eucalyptus and hang it from your shower head careful not to block the flow of water, or tie it to your shower rod. The  steam from your shower will  create your own at-home aromatherapy as you breathe in the herbal vapor.

Where to buy: Almost anywhere! Local grocery stores, farmer’s markets, select craft stores and flower shops.

Medicinal properties: The natural oil from the plant when combined with steam from your shower can help clear up your sinuses and ease discomfort from the common cold. The leaves of the plant can also help wounds when wrapped under bandages. The scent in general creates a relaxing and herbal aroma.

Alternatives: If you can’t find eucalyptus in a shop you can also purchase an essential oil and use it in a diffuser. Or use the oil in a body scrub, lotion, deodorant and even your laundry where it acts as a natural disinfectant and stain remover.  It also is a nice touch in floral arrangements and used for decoration.

Eucalyptus being used for decorative purposes at Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Life Span: While  it’s aroma lasts up to a month, it is most effective for the first two weeks after purchasing. However, the plant can also be stored in a water less vase and dried for decoration.

Enjoy x



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