A Customer Service Experience: Shake Shack

How Shake Shack won me over with their customer service.


It started when I received a calendar invite on Friday, September 16th- SHAKE SHACK AND CUSTARD.  Ah! A bonding experience – burgers, fries and milkshakes at Shake Shack,the In-n-Out burger of the East Coast. Around 11:40 am I set off with my office colleagues to Shake Shack Herald Square in midtown Manhattan. By heading out early we avoided a long line and hangry (anger derived from low blood sugar and lack of food) girls. Between the five of us we had ordered  all the basics from the Shake Shack menu; shakes, cheese fries, regular fries and Shack Burgers. By the time we left, the line was wrapped around the corner.

The domino effect started when one of my co-workers screeched “Ah! They got my milkshake wrong.” We didn’t let this ruin our high spirits from going to Shake Shack so we just kept walking. However, back at the office, I unpacked my order to find a fried chicken sandwich instead of a the Shack Burger I ordered. Not phased, because I will eat the chicken sandwich. There were pickles, lettuce and chicken – who could complain? That was the second mistake though. So, I did what any  millennial might do and went to Twitter.


Within an hour Shake Shack had replied asking me to share my experience via e-mail.

For those of you who don’t know about Shake Shake, it was founded in 2004 as a pop-up hot dog stand which has now turned into a permanent and expanding take out restaurant in New York City. Since opening, owner Daniel Meyer, has expanded the menu to hamburgers, crinkle cut fries, custard, wine and beer. On a typical day lunch lines at their flagship location in Madison Park can wrap half-way around the park. They now have 63 locations worldwide including cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Tokyo, and London. In 2014 Shake Shack became public and their current share price is $34.

Fast forward to September of 2016.  I had no idea my Shack experience or lousy 134-follower Twitter account would earn a response. By no means did I think I would have an impact or scratch the surface of their social media awareness. However, after exchanging an e-mail correspondence, they offered to send me a gift card as an apology for botching our order. I was buzzing off of their kindness and prompt action to make up for their mistake and my poor impression of their business.


Then, I received  another e-mail from the Herald Square manager offering to bring sweet treats and milkshakes to my office for all of my co-workers to make up for their faux pas.

Shake Shack out did themselves. They acted fast and offered more than I could have ever hoped for. Therefore, thank you Shake Shack . You’ve redeemed yourselves and I will definitely visit again.


One thought on “A Customer Service Experience: Shake Shack

  1. That is a great story you related. I love it. My wife and I are all about great customer service and the fact this occurred at a fast feeder in Manhattan is more remarkable. They could have blown off the incident and figured you are one, or five, in a million in New York, but this attention to detail and going above and beyond is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this story.


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