Transitions & Updates

Welcome back everyone – I started Kit’s Picks before I went to Thailand at the end of 2015. I intended to keep it going, but then I went through a transition period where I couldn’t focus on keeping up with something I wasn’t ready for.  I now realize I  went to Thailand to follow someone else’s dream. While I learned, saw and experienced an adventure I would never want to take back, I found that my mind, heart and goals lie within New York City right now. My original plan in 2013 was to move to NYC and in whatever capacity I felt content I would ,”make it”. However, when I removed myself I found myself yearning to be back in my personal goal because I hadn’t accomplished what I wanted to yet.

After Thailand, I followed my own advice and continued to sublet my apartment in Brooklyn and lived with my parents rent-free for three weeks while I looked for my next career opportunity. I wanted to pursue production and product development in the apparel industry, because I find the start-to-finish of a product from material cost, who makes it, how it’s made and how much the wholesale to retail mark up is fascinating. While I come from an independent business background I wanted to see what the corporate apparel industry is capable of. Now, after weekly trips to-and-from Albany, NY, I’m in New York working in corporate apparel production for the knits and sweaters division of a global company.

Now that I’m back on my own career path, I knew I couldn’t let Kit’s Picks down. I have new experiences, picks and ideas that I can’t wait to share with you all. Transitions can be complicated, time consuming and tricky, but in order to grow and learn they are necessary.

~~Hope you continue to follow me on my journey. ~~



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