Kit’s Picks: VICELAND


Upon meeting new people or gathering with acquaintances a common icebreaker is to discuss the latest episode of a popular TV show. It’s most likely about a binge watching craze on NETFLIX or a weekly  suspense thriller on prime time TV. One way or another you can connect through a show. Feeling on the outs during many of these conversations, I had myself wondering, what do I actually watch?

I’ve seen Broad City, but many of my acquaintances have not. Orange is the New Black lost me at season two and GIRLS lost me at season three. The Sopranos isn’t relevant anymore. And, I never got into American Horror Story, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

Then it came to me. I love the VICE YouTube channels. Their 30-minute to hour-long clips have popular influencers and tons of everyday people giving you a glimpse into their reality.

There is a cooking session with a Montreal rapper, Tommy Kruise, who feels lost when there isn’t a microwave in the kitchen. A night out with Anthony Bourdain and his crew. A documentary about two girls experiencing what it’s like to be strippers at a Middle of America truck stop. An Asian-American and his nephew hitchhiking across America by way of train hopping. One channel is devoted to musicians, Noisey, and another to chefs and restaurateurs, Munchies.

Just as I had filtered through all the things I wanted to watch on VICE, they practically read my mind and released a whole new TV Channel, VICELAND.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.27.28 AM

Launched on this year’s leap day, February 29th, VICELAND “is a collection of personal perspectives.” They explore sexuality, music, technology, drugs, food, fashion and more. Within the channel  different hosts explore various topics about contemporary life.

So far they have Action Bronson exploring different facets of food on F*ck that’s Delicious. For those of you who don’t know Bronson, he’s a Queens, NY rapper who reminds you constantly about how he didn’t get as far as he’d like in the culinary world, but now entertains you through a food tour around the nation.

WEEDIQUETTE is hosted by VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu. He explores the rise of legal marijuana and how different people use it and for what purpose..

On Gaycation, Ellen Paige and Ian Daniel visit various towns and cities and neighborhoods to experience their LGBTQ communities.

On Balls Deep, Thomas Morton embraces aspects of humanity by placing himself in the shoes of people from completely different cultures other than his own.

VICELAND is a mini documentary series all on one channel. You don’t necessarily know what to expect, but you know you’ll be entertained and learn something new.You can watch it on select TV networks and can also catch free episodes online. Since I’ve been living out of a backpack for nearly three months, I watch it on VICELAND’s YouTube channel.

So, get out of your bubble and watch some VICELAND.


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