Off the Grid: Siam Home – Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is an island with one main road, Highway 4245, that takes 45 minutes to travel by scooter from  North to  South. Along this road you will pass villas, food shops, many 7-Elevens, beach views, coconut stands, elephants and a bountiful amount of palm trees.

However there is one other road, Klong Nin, that  runs the full circumference of the island.. On this road, tucked away in a monkey infested jungle, is a coffee bar called Siam Home. Navigate your way up a bumpy dirt road towards the Tiger Cave and on your right you’ll find Siam Home housed in a little brown shack.


In the front of the house is one table with six chairs, a hammock and a Native American decorative head which guards the food dish of the resident duck from the on-looking roosters.

Serving only coffee and homemade cakes such as coconut, marble, and carrot, this spot provides a comfortable way to jump-start your day in a quaint setting away from the blistering sun.




Definitely Kit’s Picks approved.


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