A thought about: Snapchat

“Did you see my snap?”

Snapchat: An app. A form of communicating through ten second photos and videos. A way to live in the moment. Commonly used among millennials.

I downloaded Snapchat partially because I felt left out. Once downloaded I thought it was silly. I could never remember to use it. I was already communicating with my friends through Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and iMessage.

Now, another one?!

Then one day I switched. It’s fun to see what my friends were up to in the moment. A coincidental clip of a girl getting punched at a party, someone driving into a sunset, a cat chasing a fly, an “I miss you” picture. Now, why can’t they just send me the video via iMessage? That would defeat the purpose! It takes too long (and when I say too long, about 30 seconds) to send the video and what if they want to send it to multiple people with out creating a group chat? What if they don’t want the video to surface the web? A “Snap” last for up to ten seconds and then it’s gone.

When I talk to non-millennials they say, “So, you’re sending a whole bunch of naked selfies.” I mean yeah sure, people are doing that, but it isn’t the sole purpose of Snapchat. It’s to see what your friends are up to that morning, day or night for just a hot second (or ten).


The app stepped up it’s game when it added filters. Originally you could send an image with colorful doodle drawings on it. Then they added black and white or color enhanced filters, then geo-filters to show where you are in the world. They added magical moving filters where you could make yourself Santa, or swimming in the ocean, a unicorn, a purring cat, a detective, or freshly out of the shower.

The app adds comic relief to your day.  Celebrities such as DJ Khaled are getting notoriety  over the app. He’s been posting about the key to success. With his impact on millennials he’s been commissioned by Obama to make messages for him.

The app also will occasionally feature location stories. Snappers virtually immerse themselves into a city or country. They’ve showed Milan, Dubai, Amsterdam, New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Columbia, Bangkok, Brazil, Paris and more. It brings generations together and brings you around the world. The app creates unity.

Download the app. Add your friends and add me: Kitronic.


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