Kit’s Picks: Travel Essentials

Traveling light is a must. Pack the right amount of “baggage”.

I had a friend who once told me if he were to backpack around Europe he would bring a rolling suitcase.

I had to take a 20 second moment of silence and a deep breath.


Do you know how annoying it would be to roll a carry-on suitcase around Europe or anywhere where you won’t be passing off your luggage off to a door man? It’s annoying wheeling it on the botched sidewalks of Bushwick, Brooklyn. You don’t want the extra baggage of a rolly.

Here is a small peek into what I chose as my travel essentials for a backpacking adventure.

  1. Wallet – This wallet is Au Marche Noir by Bree Nichols. I love this wallet for a few reasons, its edgy, black, fits all that I need, can also be used as my purse or clutch for going out. When traveling you tend to have a lot of extras. It is nice to have all of your travel documents in one spot, but not a passport in a passport holder, or coins in a change purse, and money and credit cards in a wallet. This wallet called the guillotine fits my paper money, plastic money, passport, travel tickets, and my change. iaumarchndex 2
  2. Roll-on Perfume – Planes require that silly 3.5 oz limit, but I didn’t want to sacrifice smelling good for a TSA code. I brought these two roll on perfumes that actually draw in people’s attention for how good they smell. In NYC I’d have people in restaurants, bars, house parties, and even the subway asking me what I’m wearing. I know, can’t you tell my ego is just going straight to my head? Or is it a bit weird that people were actively sniffing in my direction and asking me what I’m wearing? The perfume on the left is Maison Louise Marie – No.4 Bois De Balincourt. Made with essentials oils and alcohol free. The scent is made up of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, amber wood and other special scents. The fragrance on the right is a roll on from Urban Outfitters called Petal Perfume Oil.  The actual flowers in it make my travel pack so colorful while the fragrance is deep and floral. scents
  3. UPSTATE Kimono – It’s light, it’s silk, it’s shibori dyed. It covers my shoulders for temple hopping, it’s a perfect beach or pool cover up, or I can wear it as a dinner date option. It’s four outfits in one. indkimonoex
  4. Portable Charger – essentially this is a no brainer. When your phone dies, but you’re on the go you can simply charge it up with this device. I like the Anker Astro Slim, because it has four charges, its sleek and is compatible for both iPhones and Droids. Sharing is caring to the Droid users.
  5. Havaianas Flip Flops – Rubber flip flops are a must. When you start your trip in a cold 32 degrees and go to a toasty 88 degrees you’ll want to switch to flops. Also,  when traveling on a budget you may find yourself in a questionable shower. I like these ones because the strap is metallic. Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.50.43 PM
  6. Fjallraven Backpack – I really thought hard about this. Do I want to pack a backpack within my backpack? Then I thought about the days I want to go hiking or bring my computer to a cafe. I wasn’t going to carry around my large and in-charge backpacking backpack. So, I brought it. It’s pop of purple and has a built in computer case. indghghex

Of course I also have some tank tops, jeans, shorts, and a neck pillow, but these are my fun extras! What other items do you guys like to travel with?




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