New York To Thailand

When preparing for a two month trip to Thailand you can plan 24/7, but it doesn’t hit you until you walk onto a flight that is 13.5 hours long.

I stayed up until midnight the night before squeezing my shampoo, face wash and sunblock into smaller bottles for the 3.5 oz airplane limit. Expats say Thailand is SO CHEAP, so I wanted to be even cheaper by not buying beauty products there. I wanted to fit everything inside my traveling backpack and be a true backpacker. My poor clothes were up against themselves as to who would make it in my pack. Posing options to my boyfriend I felt like Posh Spice from the  from the Spice Girls Movie – “Should I pack this strapy black tank top or this strapy black tank top?” It doesn’t even matter because once you get there you wear the same thing everyday.


Tips for packing up and moving to Thailand:

  1. Plan in advanced to get cheaper flights – When flying to Thailand you have to have at least one stop over. We flew on Air China for $620 USD each and booked our tickets in September. When we checked our flight one month later there was one seat left for $1,100. We went from Newark to Beijing to Bangkok in economy class. When we got to the ticket counter we tried to swindle our way into better seats. We even played the card that it was our anniversary and I moved a ring to my ring finger. We were SO close to getting pushed to business class, but in the end we still were in the LAST seats. Luckily it was a two seat row.
  2. Realize you’ll be living out of a suitcase or backpack and become a minimalist – Before the trip I started trying to sell things in my apartment for extra cash and for the fact that if it wasn’t in my backpack I wouldn’t miss it while I was gone. I stopped buying things in the states even if it was cute or cool. I didn’t need it. I especially didn’t need winter clothes even though that neon pink Hotline Bling beanie was pretty cute and a pizza pouch seemed necessary.
  3. Pack a flight bag – I left New York on January 7th and with a time difference I was finally in Chiang Mai, Thailand on January 9th. Roughly 38 hours of traveling unprepared is not fun.

Load your phone up with music. Music you’ve never listened to or an album you’ve been meaning to hear.

Pack a neck pillow and a scarf or hoodie – Airlines supply you with a lousy pillow an a blanket, but COME ON 13 hours in a small space sucks with out warmth and comfort.

You’ll also want hand sanitizer and a facial mist to feel less dirty.

Bring a book – sure magazine are great and have images and witty and informational articles, but books have longevity. I brought Moby Dick. Challenging and classic.

Snacks – For me sitting in the last seat on the plane meant we got the questionable fish dish. Luckily I brought snacks.

4. Do research – find out which area(s) you’d like to live in, how much money you’ll need, what the weather is like, what the people are like. Do you need to learn the native language? What about which clothes are acceptable? I’ve found all of this out through Google, travel books and word of mouth. Once you tell people you are going to Thailand other travelers come out of the wood works with tips and tricks of traveling to Thailand.


As of now Felipe and I live in Chiang Mai in the Nimmanhaemin area. I can relate it to the Thai version of Brooklyn. There are tourist, boutique shops, outdoor bars, restaurants, night life, salons, millennials and other digital nomads. The vibe is laid back trendy area.

That’s all for now. Follow me on my next journey.




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