4 Reasons East River Park is the Best

Tourist LOVE buying some kind of special pass to give them discounts to museums, Top of The Rock and the Empire State building to see the best views of NYC when really you just have to go to Brooklyn. East River State Park has become one of my favorite picks for solo-trips to Williamsburg or for friend and family visits.

4 Reasons East River State Park is the best:

  1. It is cheap. Free if you will (perfect for millennials on a budget). One stop off the L Train at Bedford ave ($2.75 one way with a metro card) and a 10 minute walk through Billyburg and BAM, amazing view of the whole island of Manhattan. Battery Park to Uptown, you can see the whole landscape of Manhattan.
  2. It is an amazing spot to go to anytime of the day. Sunrise to sunset there is truly no bad time to go. Even late night (1am and on) it is beautiful with twinkling lights of the cityscape.
  3. The park itself has soccer fields which gives it action. It also has a grass + concrete seating arrangement that seems to blend into its self. Which is fun to sit on if you are over benches, walking or concrete.
  4. It never gets old. Being friends from out of town. Bring your parents. Bring you boyfriend or girlfriend. Bring a book. A picnic. It is a nice walk from the occasional craziness of Williamsburg and certainly Manhattan.

Some of my visits to the park:

IMG_7623 rB8kVpLhOXLlAgPvijJ65bguhrPi6mk04pWMZXdRWJk


Until my next journey,




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