NY State of Mind

Why leave Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is one of those places where foreigners go “oo ahh” when you tell them you live here because it has that element of being “cool”. Of course there are also the aspects of living about 15 minutes away from Manhattan and being the home of Biggie & Jay-Z. There are PLENTY of sceney (sceney= a word to describe as being seen in the coolest, iconic or trending spots) restaurants, Manhattan skyline views, cheaper packs of gum and soda at the bodegas, the “best fried chicken” and a variety of hipster stereo types.

I’m personally happy with my decision of moving to Brooklyn for it’s other qualities. Less of a jungle, quitter streets, “cheaper” prices rarely any tourist and you get REAL people. There are New Yorker’s who also don’t like Manhattan and want to live here for many moons, explore neighborhoods in-depth and create a community vibe in their lives.

I’ve mapped out a great life for myself, so why would I leave? I’ve actually been living in the state of NY my whole life. I grew up in the Hudson Valley region, I went to college in Buffalo and I now live in Brooklyn. Not a bad life, but I have such an itch and desire to see more. Some of my goals in life have been to visit all 50 states and experience the world. As of now I have visited 24 states and 8 countries. A relatively large amount compared to my friends, but a very low amount compared to land mass.

Wait! Back to Brooklyn. Before I leave Brooklyn for my two month trip I’d still like to see what NYC & Brooklyn have to offer.  Let’s re-cap a few of my picks. I’ve been fortunate enough to live here for two years and I definitely still think BK is better than Manhattan and love everything here. Last night I was thinking about how I don’t tend to visit other neighborhoods other than the ones I live and work in. However, there is nothing wrong with this. Bushwick and Fort Greene have plenty to do and see and there are nooks I still haven’t explored. I’ve also added Williamsburg to my list due to the fact that as a 24 year old I’m always looking for a good electronic concert and they generally are “Billyburg.” My list of picks could rattle on, but I’ve chosen a few of my picks from Bushwick. I don’t think I can add all of Brooklyn in one post. There is WAY too much happening here.

Bushwick Picks:

Bushwick Collective: All over Bushwick you will see graffiti covered buildings, but BC has made them pieces of art. If you ever have time to walk around the neighborhood you will see murals of famous artist, rappers, influencers and art pieces of inspiration. (Below: Basquiat + Jay-Z mural on Troutman)

Basquiat + Jay-Z Mural on Troutman

Archie’s: THIS PLACE. IS. AMAZING. Opened fairly recently about a year and a half ago. Super casual pizza spot with banging pizza and the freshest salad with feta cheese. Every time I go there are always very neighborhoody, chill, authentic Bushwick people there. Definitely new age neighborhood people, but still locals. They are open late – 4am and their prices and pizza can’t be beat.

Heavy Woods: I still have yet to visit New Orleans, but Heavy Woods does it for me for now. I’ve been here a dozen times with friends and my boyfriend and we all enjoy it. The atmosphere is lively, but always very casual and laid-back. They have coffee, an amazing happy hour ($2 Miller High Life’s & $4 Well Drinks), nice light bites, a great catfish po-boy, outdoor seating, dancing in the back for night-life vibes. On Mardi Gras they had a hurricane drink special that got me in a bit of a three sheets to the wind scenario. 😉

Hops & Hocks: Two words: Meat Cone. Conveniently located around the corner from me, Hop’s & Hocks is craft beer, charcuterie heaven. They have rare craft beers, local products like hot honey, hot pepper jam, dill pickle potato chips, and fancy chocolate. More importantly they have a meat cone! Please see below for all of the magic included!

Until my next journey,




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