Welcome to Kit’s Picks

Welcome to Kit’s Picks. A travel and lifestyle blog for millennials created by me, Kit. Follow me on my journey from my current residence, Brooklyn, NY, and beyond.

My plan is to share with you all of my “picks” whether it be an artist, an item, event, musician, kitchen appliance, electronic and more. PLUS! All of my travel tips and recommendations. I’m a fiend for traveling and love seeing how different cities and countries opperate. I live in Brooklyn which is the melting pot for all the creative minds who develop all the ideas and creations that permeate out to the rest of the world.

Why millennials? A millennial is someone between the ages of 20-30. They graduated college around 2013 and became of age in the 2000s. We grew up on the age of technology. We had a cellphone in high school and graduated from disc-men to iPods. We’ve relied on AIM and Facebook as a way to communicate with peers rather than pen & paper or phone calls. We’re adventurous and love to experience new places and cultures yet we never seem to have any money. We’re not ready to work a 9-5 job, but have some how managed to succumb to the rat race. And of course, I am a millennial so it only makes sense.

Why am I writing this blog and why should you read it? I’m writing it because I can and you should read it because I’ll be 100% real in all of my post which is something not all people are. I’ve always been some what of a journal writer. Growing up I always wanted to work for a magazine until I realized editors make no money, magazines are becoming obsolete and the majority of things you read in a magazine or newspaper are superficial or fabricated. After I graduated college I hustled to get a job in NYC. “The City of Dreams” one may say. I knew from a young age that no matter what path I took, I was going to live in NYC. It is the best city in the world right? So, that is what I did. I hustled my ass to NYC, Brooklyn in particular, living in a two bedroom with a random guy and his pit bull that I met on Craigslist. We lived in Flatbush. A neighborhood where police stand on the corners at night and men whistle and holler at me when I’m in sweats going to the bodega for a Dutch Master. I had a PR job in the Financial District paying me salary. I did it. I fulfilled my dream of moving to NYC.

Since then I’ve moved apartments (only once) and have changed jobs. An itch has come over me though. I’m not so sure I’m keen on living in Brooklyn or NYC at this time. It’s expensive, hot, dirty, sceney, touristy, and a homeless man yelled derogatory things at me the other day such as “Hey you little bitch, want to suck my dick?” I’m realizing I don’t NEED to be in New York right now, right in this moment. New York will always be here continuing to be an insane melting pot of people, ideas, culture and creativity.

You meet a ton of people in NY. It’s inevitable. They may not become your friend but they will become a connection, a story, or a neighbor. All of whom I’ve met are nation and world-wide travelers. They’ve lived in LA, San Francisco, Montreal, Texas, Nashville, Seattle etc. before experiencing the beast of NYC. I’m inspired by them. I’m a young duck chained to nothing except my own instability and desire to see the world. As of now I’d say I’m living comfortably. I have a job that has kept me a float and friends that get me through my day and people to share life experiences with. But, now is the perfect time for me to make decisions that may be bad, but I won’t find out until I make them. I’ve decided to one, start this blog and two, become a digital nomad and move to Thailand for two months with my boyfriend who currently lives in Toronto.

Wow, did I just drop a bomb on you?

I’m leaving my job January 7th and will be scared out of my mind that I will no longer have a steady and reliable income. I’ll have to start making money from my own ambition. I have nothing lined up (as of now) for when I return to NY, but have decided to keep my apartment and maintain my entrepreneurial spirit. I see it as something I have to fall back on?

I don’t even know if I see any of the decisions I’ve made, up until now, as bad ones. I’m leaving my job to travel. I want to meet new, positive, inspirational and motivated people. I want to be scared and put the hustle mentality back in my head.

Why Thailand? Thailand has become a hub for Digital Nomads. The cost of living in Thailand is low and let’s face it, instead of writing my blog entries in my tiny apartment bedroom with no window, I can be writing them on a beach in a hammock at a co-working space. Sounds great to me.

What to do before heading to Thailand January 7th:

  1. Get Kit’s Picks up and running
  2. Create positive, REAL and creative content
  3. Find a subletter
  4. Get a visa
  5. Tell my parents my plan
  6. Tell my boss my plan

Already Completed Steps:

  1. Bought ticket to Thailand

A friend once told me diversity is the spice of life and I’m ready to diversify!

Hope you join me on my journey~




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